Visual Thinker, Speaker, Teacher

Eva-Lotta helps companies to visualise complex problems, so they can see them from a new perspective.

She also teaches teams and individuals to be more visual in their thinking, communication and collaboration.

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Eva-Lotta teaches companies, teams and individuals around the world how to use the power of visuals to think through problems, explore possibilities, and communicate concepts in an engaging way.

Her courses are hands-on, highly practical and have been refined through many years of teaching experience.


Eva-Lotta speaks to audiences worldwide on the power of Visual Thinking and sketching for communication and team collaboration.

Her talks are insightful, fun and engaging. They often include hands-on sketching demos inviting the audience to take part and put pen-to-paper themselves.


Eva-Lotta helps international clients to analyse and visualise complex problems.

She combines her experience in UX and Information Architecture at companies such as Google, Skype and Yahoo! with her deep expertise in visual expression to craft artefacts that provide clarity, offer new perspectives and enable action through shared understanding.




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Eva-Lotta's books and products

Eva-Lotta published several books with her sketchnotes from design conferences, her Yoga Teacher Training and her Travel Diary from her 14-month world trip.
She also makes beautiful little products for sketching and yoga-lovers.

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