Sketchnotes from PixelUp! Conference in Cape Town

In March I spoke and taught a workshop at PixelUp! Conference in Cape Town. During the 2 days I also got to listen to lots of other great speakers. A great opportunity to practice some sketchnoting. After having done a fair amount of digital sketchnotes on my iPad last year, I thought I should go back to the challenge of sketching analogue again. I grabbed my favourite sketchnoting sketchbook a my trusted combo of pens (black, one colour and grey shading pen) and dove in.

It felt good to ‘be back on paper’. As there is no possibility to edit, erase or re-organise marks on the page once they are on, it needs a bit more guts and risk-taking to just place things where they make sense in the moment. Although I felt a bit rusty in the beginning, I got into the flow fairly quickly and I have to say that I managed to surprise myself a few times with some structural decision and workarounds when I had ‘sketched myself into a corner’.

Sketching on paper is harder, but it’s also more exciting and makes your skills more robust. And every now and then it’s good to roughen up the conditions a bit as “Calm seas don’t make good sailors” after all.

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