Drawing imaginary friends with Instagram Stories

I recently started playing with the drawing tool on Instagram Stories. It is very basic in terms of features, and a bit awkward to use drawing with the finger on the phone surface. But because of this, it offers a great opportunity to practice to dealing with suboptimal conditions and having fun with imperfection. You just have to make do with what’s there and embrace the possibilities.

I love making these little drawings now when I have a moment while I am on a train or waiting in line at the supermarket. It’s a lovely way to use my phone in a spare moment to create instead of consuming. It nudges me to look for interesting features in my surrounding and come up with unexpected ways of seeing the familiar. And it keeps teaching me to accept drawings that are NOT perfect, but that have a soul.

Here’s a quick step-by-step breakdown of my process (click on the images to read about each step).

It’s super simple. And a lot of fun.You should try it as well. If you like, tag me (@evalottchen), so I can see what you’ll do :)