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“I love the work. it just opens up different pathways in my brain. The story was already there but I just couldn’t see it like that.”

– Client feedback from a Strategic Visualisation project

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QB consulting

“We hired Eva-Lotta  to develop a common visual language to describe our process to clients. Seeing Eva-Lotta spend time with the company founders and other senior stakeholders, gathering information about our process and ways of working, and then synthesising all of that research into a number of beautiful sketches, was a real highlight for me. She managed to combine all of her skills in ethnographic research with her incredible artistic talent to create a number of illustrations that we use constantly to explain what we do to new employees and potential clients.”

– Matt Miller, Creative Director, QuantumBlack

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HERE, Design Summit

“Our content and discussions covered a wide spectrum and tangled mesh of both consumer and expert systems technologies, processes and tools. Eva-Lotta was able to bring clarity and focus and a human interpretation. An amazing body of work that we will be referring to for some time to come.”

– J. F. Grossen, Global VP of Design, HERE Technologies

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HERE, Video

“We contacted our VP Design to get in touch with the best visual thinker and designer for an important work for our CEO. He recommended to contact Eva-Lotta Lamm. The outputs were above expectations by far! Our CEO and Chief HR Officer were highly impressed by the quality and the speed of the work achieved. We will surely continue to leverage her skills to bring more visual thinking into our daily practice.”

– Catherine Bourlier, HERE Technologies

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Workshop Clearleft

“Eva-Lotta created a day’s workshop for the Clearleft team to build confidence when sketching. She delivered it in a fun and informal way that made it accessible for everyone involved. The day was a huge success, the team had a great time and learnt a load of new skills that they’re still using every day.”

– James Bates, Creative Director, Clearleft

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Workshop Coop

“I’d highly recommend Eva-Lotta to anyone. She’s incredibly down to earth and approachable, with an enviable ability to dissect her own process and technique and to make it accessible and engaging for others. Her workshop was a hugely enjoyable and valuable two days for our team.”

– Andrew Travers, Head of digital design, Co-op Digital

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Workshop Norman&Sons

“There’s no-one better than Eva-Lotta Lamm to provide sketching training for your team: her sketching skills are very well known and she understands what is involved in designing software at both the technical and social level. The session was tailor-made for our needs with really handy tips and hints to interesting reading.”

– Mercedes Gozalbo-Moragrega, Head of Practice , NORMAN & SONS

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