Visual Improvisation – Random Story Game

I love drawing, I love playing, I love improvisation, I love random stories. Here is a little game I invented that combines all these things and that you can play with a friend or with a whole group. It’s quick, easy, fun and surprising. If you try it out, you can post a picture on Instagram or twitter and mention me in the description (@evalottchen) so I can see your stories.


The game has 5 rounds explained below. Each player starts with their own paper for round 1. After each round, you will pass your paper on to your left neighbour. If you’re 2 people, you’ll just exchange papers back and forth.

The idea is to do relatively quick drawings, so every round shouldn’t take longer than a minute. Let’s start!


And that’s it. You just created a story together!

As a bonus, you can also turn this into a mini comic strip by passing the picture on two more times, drawing one image of what happened before in the first pass, and one image of what happened after in the second pass (each on a new piece of paper).

Below are a few stories we made at the VizThink Meetup in Berlin that I moderated in June 2019. We did a whole lot of other improvisation exercises before that and the Random Story Game was our finale.

Now I can’t wait to see which stories you will come up with.