Sketchnotes on Data Visualization (Talk by Moritz Stefaner)

In April, I got invited to teach a one-day workshop on interface sketching for the students of Prof. Boris Müller at the Design department of FH Potsdam. The students are working on interactive data visualisations this semester and we practiced some sketching techniques and strategies for visualising ideas before jumping into digital design tools on the computer. 


Last week I was back in Potsdam for a second time. The students showed the results of their first design sprint and there was a special guest who gave a morning lecture: Moritz Stefaner, a data designer who has been doing amazing work in the field of data visualisation for many years.

I actually know Moritz from way back when I worked at Skype and he did a little project with the design team. I was super chuffed to see him again, catch his brilliant talk and take some sketchnotes as well.

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