Anja's Yoganotes: Collecting sequences from yoga magazines

In this series I introduce you to Yogi(ni)s from around the world who started sketching their yoga practice with yoga stick figures after discovering the Yoganotes book.


Anja’s yoga journey

Anja is a high school teacher from the Netherlands who practices many different styles of yoga – Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha or Hot yoga, whatever her body feels like in the moment.

She discovered yoga about ten years ago when she was looking for a way to stay physically active without stressing herself too much. What started as a weekly hour of ‘sports’ gradually became a way of life that is integrated into her day: meditating regularly, using breathing techniques when she gets stressed and even some “office-yoga” during long days at work.

Anja’s Yoganotes


Anja had been looking for a way to note sequences she liked for a while when she discovered an article about Yoganotes in a magazine. She got interested, bought the book and picked up the technique although her drawing skills are ‘virtually non-existent’. 

“It’s just a very easy way to map out sequences or take notes for a specific pose.”

Since then, Anja has sketched many sequences. 

“I have a little yoga-journal I sketch in. I write down mantras and quotes and I collect the sequences I enjoy and that I want to repeat at home. I also summarise sequences I read about in magazines. Like that I don’t have to keep the whole magazine lying around for just that 1,5 page of information.”


Keeping a practice journal with your favourite flows in it is a great idea. You can sketch sequences you did at your local studio, online classes or sequences you discovered in yoga magazines like Anja does. Over time, you will have a great collection of sequences to choose from when you want to practice at home or on holiday. And if you are a yoga teacher yourself, a journal like that is a great wealth of inspiration for planning your own classes.

Do you want to learn to sketch yoga stick figures, too?

The Yoganotes book teaches you a easy-to-learn system for sketching simple yoga stick figures that express any asana clearly with a few strokes. It contains step-by-step sketching instructions for over 80 asanas and their variations and shows you how to combine them into full sequences.