Sketching workshops in London

Make your ideas visible!

Sketching is a powerful tool to explore, structure, express and communicate your thoughts. Unlock the super-power of adding images and visual structure to your words to make the world (literally) see what you mean.

I am teaching two workshops in London on the 15th and 16th of November that dive deep into the topic of sketching as a practical tool for anyone involved in designing, planning and making things.

Sketching Interfaces –
Rapidly develop and iterate website designs and app interfaces, alone and in groups.

This workshop is focussed on sketching interfaces, layouts, interactions and flows. 

We will go through a mix of hands-on exercises, critique and underlying theory that dives into topics like choosing the right level of fidelity, creating visual structure and clarity, use of colour, annotations and sketching with a group. You'll learn how to use sketching as a tool to support your own thinking process and to share your concepts with you team in a clear and engaging way.
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Sketching for Visual Thinking
& Sketchnoting –

Capture and visualise concepts quickly and engagingly

This workshop takes the boundaries  beyond just “boxes and arrows”.

You’ll learn a simple framework for sketching anything you need to express and idea or tell a story: objects, people, actions, emotions and abstract concepts.
We’ll then dive into different ways of structuring information so that important ideas stand out and patterns and gaps become visible.
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The two workshops complement each other perfectly. Contact me to get a discount when booking both workshops. I am also reserving two tickets for each workshop for students or people with low income at a very discounted price. If you're interested, let's talk.

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