Speaking at PixelPioneers Conference in Belfast

This week I spent a few days in Belfast to speak at the PixelPioneers Conference and to teach a workshop on Sketching Interfaces the following day.

My conference talk was about 'Visual Literacy and Visual Fluency', explaining why expressing yourself in a visual way is a powerful complement to verbal expression and showing lots of examples of how simple sketches can help you clarify your thoughts, communicate more clearly with your colleagues and even make your words more trustworthy.

In the run-up to the conference, I gave an interview on the PP blog where I shared some tips about sketching.

I also took some sketchnotes of the other speakers' talks.

I had a great time on stage and got a lot of lovely comments from the audience afterwards. Thank you all for the warm welcome and the good chats I had in the breaks.

I was particularly happy about the following tweet. Giving yourself permission to sketch, even if the outcome is not perfect, is the first step :)

A few people even sketchnoted my talk, which is always fun to see. Thank you :)