Presentation: Sketching Interfaces at Yggdrasil 2013

I was invited to speak about interface sketching at a lovely conference in Norway. Thank you for having me, Yggdrasil.
Below are the video, slides and a short talk description.

Edit: The video is from the same talk at FFWD.PRO in Zagreb Croatia. 

If you are interested in learning more about sketching hands on, check out where and when I speak and teach next.


Sketching is a crucial tool for designers to have in their skillset. It’s cheap, fast and easy to learn. Many design and product teams today have embraced sketching as part of their (agile) process.

This talk looks at how you can build on what you already know and do. It shows how you can refine your sketching skills and how to apply them more effectively, both on your own as well as when working with a group.

ome sources used for the talk (and some more) are here: