Any pen is better than no pen...

...but as many of you keep asking: here is a list of my favourite pens.

Books about Sketching and Visual Thinking

Blogs and Communities

Core 77 Sketchnotes channel
Craighton Berman blogs about sketchnotes

Sketchnote Army
Showcasing sketchnotes and sketchnoters from around the world

Sketchnotes Index
List of sketchnotes by conference

Sketchnotes Flickr Group
Public group for people interested in examples of sketchnotes
Sketchnotes blog for German speakers

Visual Thinking collection from Dave Gray

Visual Thinking School at Xplane | Dachis Group


Sketching Videos

How-to-draw videos by Dave Gray

Bill Verplank on interaction design

RSA Animate

Sunni Brown's TED talk on doodling

Articles & ebooks

Visual Mnemonics, Picture Superiority Effect
W. Lidwell, K. Holden and J. Butler (2003): Universal Principles of Design

Doodling enhances concentration
Andrade, J. (2009): What does doodling do? Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Doodling should be encouraged in boring meetings, claims psychologist,, 2009

What You Draw Is Good Enough – FREE eBook by Jeannel King

Sketchnoters and Visual Thinkers