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Xmas Combat

– a game for two players

  • Date:

    January 1998

  • Client:


  • Agency / Team:

    Jörg Pressel, Thorsten Schmiedel

  • My tasks:

    Character Design, Animation, Sounds

  • Filed under:

    Games & Animation

Project image

Xmas Combat is a two-player game. Super-Santa and Rumble-Rabbit are fighting against each other for the domination of the feast. This is the final showdown…

Both players have three characteristic ways of attacking. The Rabbit is able to throw easter-eggs, to kick Santa with its huge feet or to use its ears like a helicopter’s rotor. Santa, for example, has got little automatic Santa dolls that explode as soon as they hit a target…

Xmas Combat is one of four games produced for a cd-rom, meant to be a promo-give-away for customers and friends of three-2-one interactive media. For this game, I did the character-design, the animation and the sounds during my internship at three-2-one.