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– Packaging design for action figures

Project image

Four days. Seven products. Five students. Out in the woods. Far away from civilization. No radio. No TV. No chance to watch the soccer world-championship.
The only thing to do: to carve our own wooden championship team … here they are, our wooden heroes: RUDIS JUNGS!

The project

These “action figures” I did as part of a quite extraordinary university project, called “Survival Design”:
A group of five students spends several days outside in the woods (in La Mer / France). They can choose seven “civilisation products” that they want to take with them (such as a knife, a lighter, a pot,etc.). Apart from that (and a compass, a map of the region and a sketchbook to record the impressions and ideas during this time), no additional products are allowed and the group has to find everything else it needs in the natural environment (food, shelter for the night, etc.).

This experience is then taken as a starting point to think about the relationship to nature and to products (which ones are necessary and which ones are redundant). After the return to “civilisation”, the students develop concepts, structures or actual products based on this experience.

The problem

During the four days outside, the world soccer championship was going on in Japan and we had no chance to see one of Germany’s most important matches. Sure we were upset (and indeed, lots of our conversations were about soccer) but this feeling was replaced by many other precious experiences on a more basic level. We had no TV but we had a knife and lots of wood around us and so we started to carve our own soccer team.

The result

Back in Cologne, I designed a packaging for these simple figures. It caricatures the packaging and advertising for these plastic super-hero action-figure toys, with lots of strange and “amazing” super-features. It shows (in combination with its simple awkwardly carved content) the contrast between our highly developed world of consumption, and the completely different values we experienced outside while limited to the “basics”.