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The Law and its visual consequences

– Visualisation

Project image

In our daily life, we are surrounded by laws. Some stay hidden while others are quite obvious. The subject of this short term university project, held by Ruedi Baur, was to examine the intersection of law and aesthetics, and to find and visualize examples where laws have a direct visual impact on the world that surrounds us.

During the research, I discovered a recent EU law (that hadn’t been implemented at that time), about warning signs on cigarette packages. It describes in great detail how much of the surface has to be covered by the sign, what typography and border style to use, and defines a range of sentences that have to be used to warn people of the damages to health caused by smoking.

The assignment for the second part of the project was to visualize the impact the law would have if its parameters were slightly changed. So I transferred the idea of health warnings on several other products and applied the same visual rules that were defined in the law.

Some of the visualizations are published in Das Gesetz und seine visuellen Folgen / La loi et ses conséquences visuelles (Lars Müller Edition, 2005) a book designed by Severin Wucher, a student of Ruedi Baur, for his diploma at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig.