Eva-Lotta Lamm is a graphic and web designer, interested in beautiful, usable and accessible design using web standards



– an online platform for urban planning projects

Project image

kommPART* was my thesis project at the Köln International School of Design.

In cooperation with the city planning agency kommunalPLAN, I developed an online platform for communication and participation in urban planning processes. The platform is tailored to suit the needs of an agency that manages projects for different municipalities. It provides them with a tool to handle the mandatory participation process with concerned authorities and citizens.

Together with the city planners from kommunalPLAN, I developed the main ideas and functionalities for the tool. Afterwards, I refined the concept and translated it into an Information Architecture. I created a detailed map and a series of wireframes for the main screens, which served as a basis for discussion with and feedback from the city planners.

The final visual design included the admin interface as well as the frontend with several colour schemes and the possibility to customise the header, in order to adapt it to different projects and municipalities.