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– Redesign of the Commerzbank Intranet

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The problem

The intranet of the Commerzbank is based on the software infonea 2 by commasoft. The core functionality is a powerful search-tool that enables the user to find and sort information by combining different filter-options.

After the initial implementation, it soon became clear, that the employees had big difficulty in using the tool because of its complexity. The existing interface led to additional confusion.

After the analysis of the existing interface we made the redesign of the interface in close cooperation with the software-developers and the customer. The core problem of the existing interface was the lack of clarity and a general visual concept.

The approach

First of all, we divided the screen into functional zones that help orient the user on the screen in all parts of the intranet. In addition to the spatial order, the functional zones were coded by colour (blue for all areas where search-criteria and filters can be set, changed or deleted; light yellow for the area where search results and lists are displayed; beige for detailed information about a single item).

The display of search results (lists) and detailed information about a single item (»zoom-in«) was restructured to provide more clarity and a better legibility. The various icons used in the interface, very different in style and confusing in their meaning, were reduced and redesigned.

The result of the redesign was an extensive style guide including detailed guidelines for the use of typography, colours and interactive elements. The style guide was delivered in print and online format.