Eva-Lotta Lamm is a graphic and web designer, interested in beautiful, usable and accessible design using web standards



– Interface Design for a Knowledge Management Tool

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    Gui Bonsiepe, Markus Ort

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    Analysis, concept, visual design

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    Web & Interface

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Together with Prof. Gui Bonsiepe and Markus Ort, I developed the interface for a new version of infonea, a knowledge-management tool by commasoft.

The basic version mainly consists of a powerful search engine used in intranets of big enterprises to organize all information and data produced and needed by the staff. The core idea of the new version was to split up the functions bundled in the basic version and to create a modular system that enables each user to create his own workspace. On this personalized portal, the user can arrange different modules according to his needs and interests and is able to explore from there all resources in the network.

After analysing the different functionalities, we specified different categories of modules according to their functionality and content and developed a basic grid in which combinations of these modules could be placed. Beside a set of predefined modules, we developed general rules for the design that should serve as guidelines for further implementation of new functionalities/ modules. The guidelines enclosed rules for the use of typography, images, icons, buttons, etc. and a colour scheme for different types of modules.