Eva-Lotta Lamm is a graphic and web designer, interested in beautiful, usable and accessible design using web standards


Get Ready for the Match

– an award-winning Flash game

Project image

The aim of this student project was to create a website for the European Soccer Championship 2000. Because there were already lots of well done (and professionally run) websites existing, that provided the official information (Teams, Sites, Matches, Results, etc…), we decided concentrate on all the other things that happen around this championship and the phenomenon “football” in general.
The outcome was a website that gathered a diversity of projects based on observations at the edge and outside the actual playing field.

Alexander Budde and I chose the common situation of looking forward to watching a big soccer match at home. Everything has to be prepared to spend THE perfect watching-soccer-on-tv evening.

We developed an online Flash game where the player has to fulfil several tasks and solve different problems in the rooms of his apartment in order to “Get Ready for the Match”.

We designed the game in a simple comic-like visual style.
The floor-plan of the apartment serves as a navigation tool between the different game-modules. In each room, the player discovers a small task to fulfil, like preparing a snack, opening the (obligatory) beer, finding the right TV channel and choosing the appropriate outfit for the big event…

The close metaphors used make the use of the game very intuitive and only little explanations are necessary to introduce the different modules.

Awards / Mentions

  • Silver E-Talent Award 2000
  • published in : Annual Multi-Media 2001 | Metropolitan Verlag, Regensburg, 2001
  • featured by: T:INT | Tribute to International Artists (Feature on www.120seconds.com | 2001)