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Bär im Weltraum

– a children’s book

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“Bär im Weltraum” (Bear in Space) is conceived to be a book for children aged from about 3 to 6 years and their parents to watch and read together. Bear is an astronaut and his job is to repair the stars when they don’t shine anymore.

Rather than a real story, the book presents the bear’s “universe”, his daily life, his work and his habits to provide a playground for the children to imagine their own stories of the bear in space. What does he do after work? What adventures does he experience with his friends? Which places does he discover in his red rocket?

Children are encouraged to ask questions and to create their own space-adventures, because the book presents an open framework for imagination.

The illustrations in the book take up the whole page. As the target group for the book is children who can’t read yet or learning to read, I decided to treat typography as part of the image rather than separate it from the illustration.

There are two kinds of illustration in the book. Besides the ones that show the bear in different situations during the day, there are pages that resemble technical blueprints, showing the bear’s equipment, his rockets and the way the stars work. These pages are rich in detail and encourage children to explore and discover all of the little elements.