Eva-Lotta Lamm is a graphic and web designer, interested in beautiful, usable and accessible design using web standards


Anonyme Hospitessen

– an event during the Cologne Furniture Fair

Project image

The project

Every year, the design department of the Köln International School of Design (KISD) presents a project at the “passagen” during the Cologne Furniture Fair. The presented project should provide the possibility to represent the concept of the KISD and its interdisciplinary nature by integrating the various design fields under one overall subject.

The concept

The general issue for the project in 2002 was to create new forms of representation by putting already known things (such as materials, procedures, visual elements or behaviours) in a new and unexpected context. As a starting point, we chose the hospital as an example of a social space that offered numerous aspects to work with. Services, communication structures, materials, furniture, clothing, images and sounds, as well as an ambivalent atmosphere – resulting from the mixture of sterility and intimacy – come together in this place. In different design disciplines such as fashion, furniture, sound, service design and animation, we tried to analyse and present new interpretations by transferring materials, processes and structures into a new context.

The result was an exhibition and communication space, the operating room of the “Anonyme Hospitessen”, where the different design disciplines interacted among each other and formed an integrated design experience.

Besides the overall organisation of the event and the conceptual work that was shared by the whole group, I was mainly in charge of the development of the visual identity, graphic design and animation, the website and the catalogue of the exhibition.

The website

The website for the project was already created in October 2001 and served as the main communication tool to the public. In the first part of the project the website was used to provide basic information about the project, the group, the event, etc., for interested sponsors or the press. Starting in November, each week, we organized a different promotion campaign in Cologne to spread the URL. The website was updated weekly with new pictures, showing the work in progress. During the week of the furniture fair itself, we published a calendar of events about the performances and special acts that took place every day.

The trailer

Together with Benjamin Kempf, I produced a trailer for the project that was screened the week before the event in several fashion stores in Cologne to promote the project. It was also projected in the exhibition space during the event itself.

The catalogue

The catalogue was conceived as a double CD. The first CD was an audio CD, containing eight tracks by AREAL, an electronic music label from Cologne, created especially for the project. According to the overall concept, they had combined hospital sounds (like heartbeats, sounds of breathing machines, cardiographs, etc.) with electronic music to create a special soundtrack for the event.
The second CD contained the digital catalogue of the project. It presented all elements of the exhibition, the concept, information about the working process and the project group.