Eva-Lotta Lamm is a graphic and web designer, interested in beautiful, usable and accessible design using web standards



– my name is Eva-Lotta

Eva-Lotta Lamm I’m a User Experience Designer, born and raised in Germany, but now living in London, UK.

I’m currently working at Google in the Android Design team. Previous stations include Skype, Yahoo!, Kahn + Associates as well as freelancing and consulting for various agencies and my own clients.

For the last few years, I’ve been focussing on User Experience, Interface and Web design, but I also love doing graphics and illustration. I keep developing these skills and interests in my personal projects. These little side projects are also perfect playgrounds for learning and trying out new stuff.

Besides being interested in visual things, I have got a particular fondness for languages. Besides German, my native language, I am fluent in English and French.
What fascinates me about languages is their structure and logic on the one hand and the fine details and nuances of expression on the other. It all comes down to grammar, vocabulary and style: Grammar and vocabulary are the indispensable foundation; style brings it to life and makes it special, but only the combination of the two creates both meaning and beauty.

The same is true for design. Good design needs a sound basis (which can be many things, depending on the kind of project: a good concept, a well crafted Information Architecture, semantic and clean code, meaningful content, …), details and nuances are important (think of well treated typography with all its details that can make such a difference) and visual style can give it personality and make it stand out.

When I’m not thinking about (or actually doing) design, I love travelling, spending time with friends, going to concerts, exhibitions or for a walk in the park.